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Breaking Down Common Myths About Building Demolitions

When it comes to demolitions, understanding their nature and what they involve can be crucial for organizing a successful project. Unfortunately, many people have misconceptions about the demolition process. If you’re planning a demolition and excavation in Chicago, then keep reading to learn the truth behind common building demolition myths.

Myth #1: Demolitions are bad for the environment.

Likely because of the amount of rubble they create, demolitions are often considered to be wasteful endeavors that do nothing to help the environment. However, many demolition projects are carried out to address EPA-identified Superfund sites and Brownfields. Other demolitions are conducted with the intent of rebuilding with more eco-friendly options or removing hazardous, toxin-containing building materials. Furthermore, much of the debris that demolitions generate can be recycled and reused for new projects.

Myth #2: Demolitions typically involve explosions.

It’s a common misconception that explosives are a fundamental part of the demolition process. In truth, implosions are used only rarely in the demolition process. Instead, equipment like backhoes and excavators are utilized to complete of most of these projects.

Myth #3: Demolition recycling isn’t worth the effort.

As stated, many of the materials generated by demolitions can be recycled. Unfortunately, some people believe that recycling complicates and draws out the demolition process. In truth, demolition recycling simply involves a change in waste disposal methods, and the costs of recycling are often comparable to typical disposal options.

Myth #4: Demolitions don’t require much planning.

Another myth about demolitions that can be misleading and even dangerous is that these projects are simple and involve nothing more than knocking a building down. The truth about demolitions is that they require careful planning to be carried out safely and properly.

The team at Brackenbox has more than ten years of experience in the waste disposal industry and can help you complete your upcoming demolition project. To find out more, contact Brackenbox owner Jim Bracken at 708-339-4100.

Excavator at a building demolition