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 What You Should Know About Construction and Demolition Recycling

The processes of constructing or demolishing a building can generate significant amounts of waste and debris. Before you embark on a demolition project, you will need to have a detailed waste management plan in place for your site. A company that offers dumpster rental serving Chicago can help you sort your construction or demolition debris and prepare it for delivery to the recycling plant. Let’s take a look at what you need to know about construction and demolition recycling.

Many types of debris can be recycled.

While you may be daunted by the sheer amount of debris that is created at your site, you can rest assured that much of these materials can be recycled. Some common types of construction or demolition debris that are eligible for recycling include scrap metal, concrete, plastic, and wood. All of these materials can be processed by a recycling facility and repurposed to facilitate new construction products.

Construction and demolition recycling can be highly efficient.

Efficiency is a key concern on any jobsite. If you are worried that taking the time to recycle your debris will slow down your process, you should think again. Recycling is actually a fast and simple method that can be accomplished with very little additional work. A waste management team can help you create an efficient recycling plan for your jobsite.

Single stream recycling will streamline your process

Rather than sorting your construction and demolition debris into various materials, you may want to ask about initiating a single stream recycling program. With single stream recycling, you will place all of your recyclables into the same container. These materials will then be sorted one they reach the recycling facility. Single stream recycling can save you time and energy, while also helping you to commit to a recycling initiative.

For more information about how you can recycle your construction or demolition debris, contact Jim Bracken, owner of Brackenbox, by calling 708-339-4100.

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