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Planning a Green Construction Site

It is important to be conscious of the environment, whether you are considering building a home or you are in the construction business. As you prepare for your next construction or demolition project, be sure to plan how you can make your construction site greener. In addition to renting dumpsters in Chicago as part of your waste management plan, make a plan for recycling materials that do not need to go to the landfill. Metals, plastics, papers, and even concrete can be recycled, which will benefit the environment and can help save you money on disposal. In addition to recycling, you should also have a plan for controlling erosion around your construction site. Make sure that trees, plants, and shrubs in the area are protected from construction equipment, and use fences to keep runoff from ruining sloped areas.

Call Jim Bracken, owner of Brackenbox, at 708-339-4100 to rent a dumpster and plan for recycling on your construction site.

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