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Reasons to Choose Demolition Instead of Renovation

Whether you have a residential or commercial property that needs fixing up, you will have many decisions to make. The first decision you’ll have to make before anything else is whether you are going to try to renovate the existing building, or if you are going to demolish it and start from scratch. Demolition can actually be a more cost-effective choice than renovation, especially when you are dealing with an older building that has many quirks. A dumpster rental in Chicago will help you keep your demolition site clean and organized, which makes it safer for your crew. Keep reading to find out why you should choose demolition instead of renovation.


You may be tempted to try to revitalize an older or poorly maintained building, but it is important that you consider the cost before you embark on such a project. Attempting a renovation of a building comes with many costs, both planned and hidden. In addition to putting in new components such as flooring, paint, and fixtures, you may also end up having to do more in-depth renovations including plumbing piping, ductwork, and more. Even elements of the building that you may think are structurally sound could end up being problematic. Instead of worrying about factors beyond your control, choose demolition and put outdated materials in your rental dumpster.


When you have a building to renovate or demolish, consider what you actually want to get out of it. Renovating a building means that you are stuck with certain aspects of it, potentially ones that do not serve your needs. Demolition offers you a clean slate to work with so you can build exactly what you need. You can work with an architect and design your dream home, leaving the rubble of the old house in a dumpster. If you are dealing with commercial property, you can start anew to make every part of your building modern and environmentally-friendly.

For your next demolition project, contact Jim Bracken, owner of Brackenbox, at 708-339-4100 to provide you with all of your dumpster rental needs.

Excavator at a commercial demolition site