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The Importance of Recycling Plastic

Technology is becoming bigger and better every day, and that means more materials than ever before can be recycled. This crucial process of waste disposal can help reduce costs and environmental concerns all over the world. Plastic is a very important recyclable because it can negatively affect the environment and living beings in many ways. There are certain professionals, such as Jim Bracken, who believe in plastic recycling near Chicago because of the good it does for the community. Recycling and responsible waste management can help beautify Chicagoland and the world.

It Reduces the Use of Natural Resources

By recycling plastic, the need to make more plastic can lessen. The process to make new plastic uses more energy, petroleum, and water than the process of recycling plastic. If residential and commercial properties make it a priority to recycle their plastics, the need for natural resources and energy will reduce. This reduction can help reduce high levels of carbon dioxide in the environment. It can also stop energy companies from drilling and farming for more natural resources.

It Reduces Landfill Space

Plastic can take several decades or longer to fully break down, whether it is in a landfill or littered in the environment. By reducing and recycling plastic, consumers can save a significant amount of landfill space meant for other biodegradable materials. When one ton of plastic is recycled, that can save over seven cubic yards of landfill space. Once plastic has been recycled, it can be saved from harming the environment as well as needlessly overfilling landfills.

It Can Save Animals

Though reduced plastic use is encouraged, recycling plastics can still positively impact animal life. The more plastics that can be recycled, the less plastic there is in the oceans, rivers, rainforests, and deserts. This reduction can keep dangerous plastics from encroaching on habitats, killing wildlife, and destroying the surrounding environment.

Learn about all of your recycling options with Jim Bracken, the owner of Brackenbox. Call 708-339-4100 to schedule your waste disposal and recycling pick up.

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