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How to Clean Up After a Summer Storm

Summertime often means swimming, camping, picnics, and other activities that make the most of the pleasant weather. Unfortunately, warm temperatures can also bring summer storms that may leave your property in shambles. If your property has suffered through a severe summer storm, you’ll need to inspect the damage, call a cleanup crew if necessary, and consider dumpster rental serving Chicago.

Assess the damage.

If you own a commercial property or have rooms for rent, it’s important to assess the damage to your property yourself. Having your tenants or renters look for problems can place them in danger of injury, and they may overlook areas of damage. No matter your type of property, be sure to take plenty of pictures before you begin cleaning up. This will make the process of dealing with repair contractors and insurance companies faster and smoother. Some insurance policies will only pay to remove debris that is touching your property, so it’s vital to document the damage right away.

Prepare for cleanup.

After a severe storm, you are likely to find plenty of problems that you can handle on your own. Tasks such as repairing screens, restoring landscaping, and picking up small debris are all cleanup issues that most property owners can tackle themselves. However, it’s essential to realize from the start which problems will require professional help. Once the storm passes and people assess their damages, professional cleanup companies are likely to be extremely busy over the following weeks, so it’s important to call for assistance as soon as you realize that you’ll require help with the cleanup.

Clean your property.

After you’ve documented any damage to your property and called for professional cleanup help if necessary, the next step is to dig in and begin restoring your home and yard. If you find that the storm has left a significant amount of manageable debris scattered across your property, you may benefit from renting a dumpster to aid in the waste disposal process.

If you need to clean up your property and are looking for dumpsters for rent, contact Jim Bracken, owner of Brackenbox, at 708-339-4100.

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