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What to Know About Recycling Aluminum

Aluminum is a popular material for both consumers and businesses, and its role in recycling serving Chicago plays a significant part in waste management. Compared to many other materials, aluminum is more sustainable, valuable, and suitable to be recycled.

Sustainably Efficient

Of all the materials that can be reprocessed for secondary production, aluminum is among the most recyclable. This is because aluminum can repeatedly be reprocessed without any loss of quality. More than half of the aluminum that has been created in the United States is still in use. Recycling aluminum is also efficient; the metal from a can that you recycle today might be utilized again for a new drink container in as little as 2 months. Because aluminum is so favorable for recycling, you can think of it as the most valuable material in your recycling bin.

Competitively Versatile

There are a variety of systems which collect aluminum for recycling, and most people are familiar with municipal and curbside programs. Through these types of recycling systems, aluminum in the form of baking pans, pie trays, aluminum foil, and beverage cans is collected. Aluminum automotive and building components are also gathered to be recycled, and most of the aluminum parts used in these industries end up being reprocessed for reuse.

Economically Beneficial

Aluminum recycling is uniquely economical because this material more than pays for its own recycling process. Today, the demand for aluminum is continuously rising, but processing raw materials can be a lengthy and expensive process. Recycling aluminum requires far less energy than creating the new product and contributes to why aluminum is one of the most commonly recycled materials.

Industrially Advantageous

Aluminum’s role in recycling propels business growth. Because of this material’s sustainable nature, the economic impact of aluminum is progressively growing. Thousands of positions employ people directly in the aluminum industry, and for each of these jobs, several more employment opportunities are created in other businesses.

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