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Damage Caused by Tornadoes

If you live in an area that experiences tornadoes, your commercial property in Chicago might be at risk for damage. After a tornado, you should consult with an experienced waste management company about their excavation or demolition services that can help you manage your emergency waste disposal and natural disaster debris cleanup needs. Here is a look at how to handle damage caused by a tornado on your commercial property.

Hire an Expert to Evaluate the Damage

The first thing that you should do if your commercial property has suffered from tornado damage is to hire an expert for an inspection and evaluation. The primary damage caused by tornadoes is due to high-velocity, rotating winds that can destroy structures in and around your commercial property, and transport debris from surrounding areas onto your commercial property. An expert will survey the damage and determine if you qualify for federal, state, and local resources to aid you in waste disposal, waste management, and excavation of debris.

Determine Whether You Need Excavation or Demolition Services

When high winds destroy a commercial property or blow debris into your area, you may need excavation or demolition services. A local waste management company can help you organize an excavation or demolition project for your commercial property. Excavation might be necessary to safely remove large pieces of debris or structural damage from your commercial property using professional equipment, like cranes and bulldozers. Demolition might be necessary if your commercial property is damaged beyond repair and has been deemed unsafe for use.

Rent a Dumpster for Waste Disposal and Recycling

Your waste management company can also provide equipment for use in demolition and excavation. This includes dumpster and roll off dumpster rentals to collect debris, waste, and hazardous materials. They can also provide hauling, recycling, and waste disposal services to help you remove debris from your commercial property. Many demolition, excavation, and natural disaster debris cleanup projects generate paper, metal, plastic, wood, cardboard, and electronics waste. Your recycling company can assist you in metal recycling, plastic recycling, paper recycling, and other key recycling services.

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