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What Is the First Step to Take on a Demolition Project?

Jim Bracken and Brackenbox Rolloff Service can help make sure you don’t skip any vital steps in planning your demolition project. Jim Bracken has more than a decade of experience in both commercial and residential demolition and excavation in Chicago and can help you from beginning to end.

The first step you should take when planning a demolition project is to make sure that all necessary permits, documents, and reports are filed with the appropriate agencies. Hire a contractor or consultant who can walk through the demolition site and advise you on what specific inspections or surveys will need to be completed prior to demolition.

Once you have the approval of your state or county agencies, you should devise an efficient and effective waste removal plan for your demolition site. Debris and rubble can be serious health and safety hazards if not handled properly. Rent a dumpster from Jim Bracken’s dumpster rental company, and you’ll have your choice of dumpster sizes. A 20-yard dumpster or 30-yard dumpster is typically recommended for demolition projects. Your dumpster rental will be picked up and the waste disposed of quickly and conveniently.

Excavator on a pile of rocks