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Deciding Between Rebuilding and Demolition

If you recently purchased an old, outdated home, you are probably wondering whether you should try to rebuild it or demolish it and start over. Either way, renting a dumpster in Chicago and letting Jim Bracken assist you is a good idea. But you should seriously consider a number of factors before making the decision between rebuilding and doing a total demo. Here are a few factors that can help you decide.


Is the home unsafe structurally? If so, you are going to spend a fortune trying to fix the foundation in order to make it livable again. This can end up costing you as much money as a complete demo and, in the end, you will still have to look into dumpster rental prices and do many other repairs inside of the home once it’s safe. You should sit down and plan out a rebuilding budget versus a demolition budget to see which makes more sense.

Condition of the Interior of the Home

Many older homes have unique character features that you simply won’t be able to recreate if you knock them down. You can try to save them and add them to a new space, but why go through all that trouble when you can just rebuild the original home? You should think about how much you love the interior of the home before knocking it down.

Property Lines

Chances are, there are new rules in place in your community that weren’t in place back when your home was first built. For example, the approved distance between homes or the approved distance between homes and roadways may be different now. This means you might not be able to build a new home in the same spot as your old home. Check on this before you knock a home down.

Local Regulations

Many older homes are “protected” by local governments. You aren’t allowed to change anything about them without getting approval first, and you definitely can’t knock them down. Check to see if this applies to your home before ordering a dumpster to aide with the cleanup of your home demolition or renovation project.

Excavator digging up ground