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How Building Demolition Works

When an old building cannot be renovated and rebuilt, the best thing to do is to demolish it and start over. Jim Bracken has extensive experience with building demolition and has dumpsters for rent serving Chicago that can help with the cleanup process. Here is how building demolition works and what you should be prepared for if you opt to demolish a structure.

Step 1: Building support columns are stuffed with dynamite.

Every building has a series of support columns that work together to hold it up. Before a demolition takes place, demolition experts drill holes into these supports and fill them with dynamite. This dynamite will be used to bring the building down safely.

Step 2: Dynamite is covered with chain-link fencing and plastic.

As you would imagine, dynamite can cause damage to other buildings if steps are not taken to prevent it from causing flying debris. In order to limit the damage that dynamite will cause, your demolition expert will cover it with fencing and plastic to limit the impact that it has. With careful planning and execution, the dynamite will only affect your building and will work to bring it down effectively.

Step 3: Dynamite is detonated.

Once everything is in place, the demolition expert will give the signal and detonate the dynamite inside of the building. It will cause the supports to give way and the building will implode and fall down.

Step 4: Cleanup is done once the dust settles.

For the first 30 minutes or so after a building demolition, dust and debris will be everywhere. Once it settles, you can invest in dumpster rentals to start the cleanup process. You will need to remove all the various parts of the building and have the space cleared completely before you can rebuild on it. Using large rental dumpsters offered by Jim Bracken is the easiest way to do this quickly and to finish off your building demolition.

Excavator at a demolition site