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Demolition and Excavation ServiceIf you are interested in starting a re-building project on your commercial or residential property or are looking for a company to provide you with Chicagoland demolition work, trust our team at Brackenbox to help. With more than a decade of experience in waste disposal, we are a leader in the industry and have the skills to perform the necessary tasks to complete your project. You can count on us to conduct your demolition project safely from start to finish.

We may be able to provide demolition and wrecking services for:

  • Residential structures
  • Commercial structures
  • Garages
  • Schools
  • Municipal buildings

Tips for Planning Your Demolition or Renovation Project

Demolition is a necessary step in building removal or reconstruction. Before you begin your demolition or renovation, making a few essential preparations will improve your experience while increasing safety and convenience during your project.

  • Plan for waste removal: Whether you will be demolishing without rebuilding or are planning a renovation project, you will certainly have waste that must be removed from the site. Chances are, your regular trash service won’t be able to handle it, so consider options such as a roll off dumpster rental and scheduled pickup to handle your project waste recycling. Especially if you will have hazardous waste, such as asbestos, mercury, or lead, you will need to make arrangements for their safe disposal.

  • Develop your full plan before you start: It’s best not to begin a demolition or renovation until you have your project planned out from start to finish. This will ensure the entire process goes much more smoothly and eliminate any stress associated with uncertainty once you have begun. Poor planning is the most common reason that demolition or renovation projects are left incomplete.

Steps in a Demolition Project

During a demolition, part or all of a building is removed to make way for new construction or alternative use of the lot. In most cases, demolition is the fastest phase of construction, but there may be several steps involved in this process.

  • Always check with your community to determine whether you need any permits for your excavation, demolition, or construction work. Have these in hand before you begin your demolition.

  • You’ll also need to ensure any utilities are properly disabled before you begin demolition, such as power, water, and gas. Make sure to mark off the location of these utilities as well to avoid damaging lines or drains during the work.

  • If your structure contains asbestos, you’ll need to schedule asbestos abatement as part of the demolition project. This may take extra time, so make sure to work it into your schedule.

  • Once demolition is complete, you’ll need to schedule pickup if you rented a dumpster or recycling bins to contain construction waste. Make sure to separate any recyclable materials or request a recycling bin for added convenience.

Brackenbox is your Chicago resource for excavation and demolition; our budget dumpster rental services can accommodate any project, large or small. It is our goal to arrange and complete safe demolition every time, regardless of the size of the project. We can also offer you asbestos inspection, abatement, and removal, as well as recycling services to remove re-usable materials from your property. Please give us a call at (708) 339-4100 for a free quote.

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