New to Chicago? Here's What You Should Know About Natural Disasters in Illinois

With its location away from the coast, Chicago doesn’t face the potential of destructive hurricanes or the risks associated with rising sea levels, but natural disasters are still part of life for which residents and businesses need to be prepared. After a disaster occurs, renting a dumpster and deciding how you’ll deal with waste disposal will be important parts of the cleanup process. If you’re new to Chicago, you might be wondering what kinds of natural disasters you should be prepared to face. Here is a look at some of the most common risks.


Flooding is becoming a bigger issue than ever before, thanks to a combination of factors. Storms are more intense than in the past, meaning more rain falls with each system. The Deep Tunnel system that helped to control excess rainfall in the past is no longer sufficient. The growth of the city means that natural areas that used to absorb rain are now paved, which gives the rain no place to go. Having a sump pump in your basement will help to reduce the risk of water damage in your home.


Many people in Chicago believe that a tornado can’t strike the city. This is false. Tornadoes have struck the city and likely will again. They also happen in the surrounding suburbs. Tornadoes can be powerfully destructive, and debris cleanup is usually necessary in the aftermath.


Snow is part of life in Chicago, but extreme blizzards are becoming more common as storms become more intense. The weight of the snow can damage roofs and can cause trees to snap and damage homes. As snow melts, the potential for flooding exists. Most of the cleanup after snowstorms is due to damage caused by the weight of large amounts of snow.

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