Three Items You Didn't Know You Could Recycle

In order to achieve the best results from your waste management program, you will want to make sure that you are recycling as many items as possible. With services from a company that specializes in recycling serving Chicago, you can rest assured that you are employing green practices with your waste management strategy. While some items, such as paper and cardboard, are commonly recycled, you may be surprised to learn about some other, more unusual items that can be recycled around the home or office. Let’s review three items that you may not have realized you can recycle. recycle - dumpster

Old Shoes

Your athletic shoes may take a beating during your daily workouts and errands around town. Rather than throwing your old shoes in the trash when they have worn out, however, you may want to consider recycling them. Many major cities are now offering recycling services for athletic shoes, sandals, and other types of footwear.


If you have a growing family, chances are that your kids will outgrow their bicycles every few years. In the event that you run out of recipients for your hand-me-down bicycles, you may be tempted to send your old bikes to the dump. However, old bikes can be recycled, even when they are in pretty bad physical shape. By recycling your bike or bike tools, you may also be able to provide a bike for a child in need.

Light Bulbs

When you change the light bulbs around your property, you will want to think twice before you throw them in the trash. In order to help alleviate landfill waste, many recycling centers now offer light bulb recycling programs. In order to recycle a light bulb, a recycling technician must separate its glass and metal components. Once you have learned about all of the amazing things that you can recycle, you will want to increase your recycling practices at home.

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