Safety Tips for Roll-Off Dumpster Rentals

If you’re planning a renovation, excavation, or demolition on your residential or commercial property, you can benefit greatly from a roll-off dumpster rental near Chicago. Renting a dumpster will streamline your waste management, recycling, and excavation so that your construction or demolition project will run much more smoothly. Here is a look at some safety tips that you should follow with your roll-off dumpster rental. roll - off - dumpster

Distribute the load evenly.

While it may seem easier to load your roll-off dumpster from back to front, it is actually safer to load it evenly from the bottom up. You can carefully use a ladder to load items into the dumpster as it gets fuller. If the roll-off dumpster is loaded unevenly, it can unexpectedly tip over and injure someone, or damage property. If necessary, your waste management or dumpster rental company can provide you with the appropriate equipment and instructions to load your dumpster safely.

Ask your dumpster rental company about locks.

Whether your roll-off dumpster rental is on your private residential property, or on your commercial property, you should install a lock. People often attempt to pull things out of dumpsters, or seek shelter inside of them, which can result in a dangerous situation. Even if you aren’t liable for injuries caused to someone who was trespassing in your dumpster, it is better to be safe and lock it before leaving it unattended.

Take care when placing your dumpster rental.

Before you have your dumpster rental company deliver your roll-off dumpster, take some time to determine where you want it to be placed. Your roll-off dumpster should not be placed underneath any power lines, as they can present a serious safety hazard. You should also avoid placing it under any trees, or too close to buildings, cars, equipment, or other belongings that could be damaged when loading and unloading the dumpster. If you aren’t sure exactly where to place your dumpster rental, you can ask your dumpster rental company for advice.

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