Keeping Kids Safe Around Roll-Off Dumpsters

The next time you have a construction, demolition, or excavation project, remember to get a roll-off dumpster rental in Chicago. A dumpster gives you plenty of space for waste disposal, whether you need to get rid of demolished parts of a building or bulky brush from a landscape cleanout. Practicing safety around a rental dumpster is important, especially if you have kids. Children may be tempted to play in or around a dumpster, but you should let them know that this is not safe. The items within a dumpster may be sharp, heavy, or otherwise hazardous, while an off-balance dumpster could cause serious injury. If you have a rental dumpster on your property, consider putting it somewhere that is difficult for kids to access. You can also put caution tape around the dumpster to further discourage anyone, regardless of age, to stay away.

When you need a roll-off dumpster for your next project, call Jim Bracken, owner of Brackenbox, at (708) 339-4100 to arrange for delivery of the right size dumpster for you.

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