The Basics of Recycling

For the environmentally conscious homeowner, recycling serving Chicago is an essential addition to home life. This effective form of waste management can go a long way toward helping the environment and future generations.



Recycling is one of the clearest ways one can contribute to saving the environment. Many products and materials can be recycled into the same product or into something completely new. Instead of throwing items in the trash and filling up landfills and incinerators needlessly, recycling the same items will cut down energy and chemicals emitted from landfills. This reduction of greenhouse gases, such as methane, can help reduce climate change and lead to a cleaner environment for the future.


The first step to recycling starts with you, the consumer. Most waste management companies will give each home a collection can for recyclables, and pickup is usually alongside your normal trash pickup. There are several lists of common and accepted recyclables for every state, so check yours to be sure. When you recycle the correct items—cardboard, hard plastics, and paper products, for example—make sure the items are clean. Some processing plants cannot accept items if they have a lot of foodstuff or dirt on them.


As technology continues to grow, the capability to recycle and remanufacture more materials grows, as well. Most commonly, newspapers, aluminum and steel cans, and hard plastics such as detergent bottles are easily recycled household products. Some recycling plants can recycle computer and electronic products, glass, oil, and batteries. Always check with your local waste management company for the items they accept, and the best place to drop them off. As these many items are remanufactured, they may become the same products, such as aluminum cans melted into cans again. Other products can only be remade into something new, or be added into another product made from “recycled content” as it is commonly referred to.

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