Planning Your Demolition Project

If you’re planning a demolition project near Chicago, you can benefit from the excavation and demolition services offered by a waste management company in your area. Excavation and demolition services are available for your commercial property, residential property, school, garage, or municipal building. When you hire a waste management company that has experience in excavation and demolition services, your demolition project can proceed safely, quickly, and efficiently.

One of the key elements of your demolition project that you should consider is waste management, or waste disposal. You will need dumpster rentals that you can use to collect and sort your demolition and excavation debris, waste, and recycling. If you have hazardous waste materials like asbestos, lead, or mercury, you will need to hire a waste management company that can safely and legally handle hazardous waste disposal.

You will also need to consider your recycling needs. An excavation or demolition project in a commercial property might generate recyclable materials like metal, wood, concrete, landscaping materials, glass, and plastic. You can collect and sort recyclables in recycling bins, and have them picked up by your waste disposal company and transported to a recycling facility.