A Look at Essential Waste Reduction Tips

If you own a business, you should take a look at the items inside of your dumpster at the end of every week to see how you could go about reducing the waste you are creating. Most of the waste that lands in your dumpster serving Chicago ends up in a landfill where it will sit for hundreds of years. Instead of creating so much waste, you should find ways to limit it so your company doesn’t contribute to the world’s pollution problem. Here are some waste reduction tips for you to follow.


Use mugs and metal water containers as opposed to paper cups and plastic water bottles.

You would be surprised by how much waste your company is creating if you are still supplying your employees with paper cups and plastic water bottles. If your employees have one cup of coffee and a bottle of water every day, they are creating a huge amount of waste on a regular basis. Make a push to become a more eco-friendly company by purchasing reusable mugs and containers for your company to use.

Ask your employees to limit the number of things they print on a daily basis.

There are some forms and documents that you will need to print out, but for the most part, businesses should be paperless at this point in time. You can store all of the documentation you need on computers and hard drives so that you will always have them, and there is really no need to have a physical filing system anymore. All you will end up doing is filling your company’s dumpster with used paper and printing supplies.

Use recycling services to get rid of paper, plastic, metal, and other recyclable products.

Recycling is the best way for a business to cut down on the amount of waste it produces. When you recycle, you will reduce the waste you send to a landfill and do your part to help the environment.

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