The Steps of a Demolition Project

When you are in need of a demolition and excavation near Chicago, there are a few steps you’ll need to follow before your project can begin. Many times, you or the demolition company you are working with will need a dumpster rental, as well as permission to perform the excavation. Here is a brief outline of the steps you should follow during your demolition project.

First, have a clear idea of your project. You will probably need to answer questions throughout the project, so knowing the details will be vital. Check with your neighborhood, outlying community, as well as the city or county officials for any permits or certifications you and your demolition company will need. Always have these documents readily available. Next, make sure utilities and other large appliances are turned off and out of the way before demolition begins. Be sure your demolition crew know exactly where the utility lines are. After the project is complete, schedule the dumpster pickup, and thank your neighbors for being so understanding.

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