A Look at the History of Recycling

If you’re looking for waste management, waste disposal, or recycling serving Chicago, you may be interested to know that the concept of recycling that people have today has been around for a while. In 1973, University City, MO was the first city to institute curbside recycling and in 1980, Woodbury, NJ implemented the first city-wide recycling program.

Watch this video to learn more about the history of recycling. Some people trace the recycling movement’s roots back to the 1950s when the disposable bottle was invented and lead to the formation of the nonprofit organization Keep America Beautiful Inc.

The recycling movement gained momentum in the 90s after an incident where a garbage barge left New York City and traveled up and down the coastline for months because they couldn’t find a place to dump the waste. For all of your recycling needs, contact Brackenbox Roll Off Service Inc. owner Jim Bracken at (708) 339-4100.