Staying Safe After a Natural Disaster

After a natural disaster, there will be a need for cleanup, excavation, and waste disposal. Services for dumpster rental serving Chicago can help with waste management after a disaster, but bear these tips in mind to help keep you safe before and during cleanup:



These terrifyingly powerful storms leave destruction in their wake and create dangerous debris that is sent in all directions. If your area was in the path of a tornado, remember that most post-tornado injuries occur when people try to rescue others or while assessing and trying to clean up the damage. Avoid entering damaged structures when possible, as they may collapse, and be aware of debris such as nails, broken glass, and down power lines.


After a flood, it’s essential to realize that just because water begins to recede, it doesn’t mean that the area is safe to enter. Remember to never drive a vehicle through standing water or water where you can’t see the bottom because the water can get into the engine and cause the car to stall. Also, do not walk through water that is moving, even if it seems slow, because just a few inches of moving water can cause a person to fall, and rushing water can carry a person off quickly. Moving water not only poses a drowning hazard, but the debris that is floating in the water after a flood can also cause serious injury.

House Fires

House fires are devastatingly destructive, and most families won’t be able to return to their home until all possible dangers have been dealt with and managed. It’s vital to your safety that you never enter your home or any structure that has suffered a fire until the fire department gives the all clear. Once you can enter the premises, collect what valuables you can safely reach, then let the police know that you are leaving and that the home will be unoccupied because burglars often target fire-damaged homes.

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