Preparing for a Demolition Project

When it comes to demolishing a building or structure, safety should form the foundation for each step in the preparation process. Demolition projects can be dangerous, but making the right preparations can keep everyone safe and help the project run smoothly. Besides renting a dumpster serving Chicago for waste disposal, you will need an engineering survey and test for hazardous waste materials.

For the engineering survey, have a person who is familiar with the building inspect and describe the condition of its walls, floors, and framing, and to determine if there is a possibility of an unplanned collapse during the demolition. Next, find out if any gasses, chemicals, explosives, or other hazardous materials could be on the site or have been used on any equipment in the structure. If so, the project site must be tested, and the materials removed before demolition can begin. Finally, arrange for your waste disposal needs by renting a dumpster.

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