Keeping Wood Pallets Out of Landfills

Wood pallets are large, wooden boxes that are used for shipping and freight. Rather than placing your extra wood pallets in the dumpster, you may want to consider recycling them. In this video, you will receive some tips for recycling your pallets. A facility that offers waste management and recycling serving Chicago will be able to easily shred and reuse your pallets for new applications.

At Brackenbox, our founder Jim Bracken is committed to helping the environment by offering quality recycling services. Whether you are removing pallets from your commercial property, or you are in need of a large dumpster rental, our company can assist you with your waste disposal needs. We look forward to helping you achieve the best results from your recycling program.

To discuss your project with Jim Bracken of Brackenbox, call (708) 339-4100.

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