Recovering After a Natural Disaster Strikes

When disaster strikes a home and community, the recovery process can be heartbreaking, at times. From dumpster rentals to excavations serving Chicago, homeowners need to perform many steps before life can get back to normal. natural - disaster

Assess the Damage

Though this may be an emotional time, filled with uncertainty and stress, you need to take a step back from the situation. Whether your home has suffered a flood, earthquake, or tornado, the results will be the same. You need to assess what kind of damage has been done to your home and property. Be sure all utilities are turned off until an official tells you it is okay to turn them back on. Do not step into an unstable building or on unstable ground until you are told it is safe.

Call Your Insurance Company

One of your first calls should be to your home insurance company. They can recommend water and fire restoration services, as well as waste disposal and recycling services. Be sure that all of the necessary companies are called and perform the job correctly. Many insurances will not cover later damage—such as mold—unless it has been deemed a result of the initial disaster.

Rent a Dumpster

After the damage has been assessed and the necessary services have been called, it is time to look through the damage. You need to start sifting through personal possessions, household appliances, and possibly pieces of your home. Some of these items may be salvageable, but others may need to go in your dumpster rental. Your restoration services may be a part of this process, because they know what can and cannot be safely salvaged.

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