Tips for Planning a Demolition Project

demolition chicago, jim bracken chicagoWhen you’re planning a demolition project, it’s best to prepare for any possible conflicts or setbacks that may occur. Unforeseen problems can cost you significant time and money, and taking time to plan ahead of time will save you a lot of stress. Here are some tips for planning a successful demolition project, including researching your contractors, investigating potential liabilities, and securing a 30 yard dumpster rental from Jim Bracken in Chicago.

Hire Qualified, Licensed Specialists

Before you even begin your demolition project, you should hire qualified, licensed specialists, such as contractors, consultants, and transporters. These specialists can advise you as to how to remove and dispose of harmful materials and waste before, during, and after your demolition project. Research any potential hires thoroughly to ensure that they have the proper licenses and experience necessary for the job.

Investigate All Potential Liabilities

A demolition project can make you susceptible to many different liabilities. Understand what surveys, permits, documents, and reports are required by law in your state. You may need permits for the demolition itself, sidewalk and road closures, and dust mitigation and airborne release plans. You may need to conduct an engineering survey prior to demolition, or file notifications of the presence of asbestos or other hazardous materials.

Rent a Dumpster That’s the Right Size for Your Project

When demolition starts, you’ll need to make sure that debris, rubble, and other waste are removed quickly and efficiently from the site. These materials can provide a safety hazard to workers if they are left onsite. Rent a dumpster in the largest size available to you at your local dumpster rental facility. Renting a small dumpster can cause delays if you have to repeatedly remove workers from the demolition site to dump waste. Most dumpster rental facilities offer a variety of dumpster sizes. A 20 yard dumpster or 30 yard dumpsters that are appropriate for demolition projects.

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