A Look at Our Commitment to Recycling

recycling chicago, jim bracken, brackenbox chicagoWhen you decide to take on a large-scale home improvement project, Jim Bracken can provide you with a dumpster rental and help you get rid of junk you don’t need anymore. But Brackenbox Rolloff Service is also a big believer in recycling. We encourage you to place any paper, cardboard, wood, shingles, steel, metal, rubber, plastic, carpet, or nylon that you have into recycling bins serving Chicago so that we can bring them to our Chicagoland recycling center.

Brackenbox is a member of the CMRA Construction Recycling Association and will work to recycle as many of your old items as possible. You might not have any use for them anymore, but there’s a good chance that they can be reused by someone else. We will sort through your recycling bin and determine what can be salvaged. Together, we can help you get rid of the items you don’t want anymore and do something good for the environment.

To find out more about our commitment to recycling, contact Jim Bracken, owner of Brackenbox, at (708) 339-4100.

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