The Dangers of Asbestos

Asbestos was once found in a variety of materials that were regularly used in home construction. Today we know the dangers of asbestos, but that wasn’t always the case. If you are going to be working on a house and encountering materials that contain asbestos, be sure to have dumpster rental in Chicago nearby. This will allow you to permanently dispose of the contaminated material into the small dumpster rental and prevent it from causing ill health effects. Read on to learn more about the dangers of asbestos and how to safely handle the material.

Health Effects

Although asbestos was praised for its versatility and array of uses in household construction in the early 20th century, asbestos is a dangerous substance when it finds its way into the air. Individuals who breathe in asbestos tend to experience an elevated risk for a number of serious health concerns. Many of these health hazards deal with lung conditions like mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis. The dangers associated with asbestos may affect a person of any age who is exposed to the substance. Before working with or removing asbestos it is important to research the proper way to handle the materials and have a dumpster rental on location for prompt disposal.

Locations Found

You are most likely to encounter asbestos if you repair, remodel, or otherwise work on an older home or building. The risk of asbestos exposure is greatest in homes and buildings that were built in the earlier pa Dumpster Rental Chicagort of the 20th century, especially those built before 1970. You can specifically find asbestos in roof shingles, soundproofing, and insulation. Unfortunately, the explosive popularity that asbestos once enjoyed has allowed it to retain its dangerous influence in certain homes and buildings in Chicago.

Protecting Yourself

There are a few steps that you can take to protect yourself from the dangers of asbestos. It is wise to wear gloves and goggles as well as respiratory protection. You should also wear a mask and wash your hands each time you handle dangerous materials. Find a local dumpster rental service so that you can dispose of asbestos immediately.
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