How Metal Recycling Works

When you undertake a home renovation project, chances are you’ll generate quite a large pile of metal waste. That’s great news for the environment, so long as the metal is properly sorted and recycled. Metal recycling takes old metals and metal-containing components and restores them to a “raw” state that can then be turned into any number of appliances or construction materials without needing to harvest additional materials out of the earth. Watch this short video to see the metal recycling process from start to finish.

If you’re planning a residential or commercial construction project and anticipate a lot of metal waste, contact a dumpster rental provider in Chicago that offers metal recycling services . For peace of mind, partner with a company that is a member of the CMRA Construction Recycling Association—like Chicago’s Brackenbox. Get in touch with Brackenbox to learn more about their metal recycling and dumpster rental services.

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